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Blaise Rhein
Blaise Rhein
Illustrator at College for Creative Studies
Detroit, United States of America


Blaise Rhein is an illustrator and concept artist from Clarkston Michigan. He is currently a Junior at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit.
At a very young age, his potent diet of fantasy, science fiction, and history had such an intense chemical reaction with his creative juices that they still fizz with the same energy, over a decade later, as he continues to create sensational work that intrigues and unsettles.
Blaise’s creative process has always been marked with an emphasis on clear storytelling, calculated detail, and high technical skills. His work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators and earned him a full-tuition scholarship at his school. He is starting his career as a concept artist in the entertainment industry and looks forward to a bright future of exploring his abilities and sharing his imagination.